Be your bestfriend

When I wanted to start this blog, the biggest obstacle wasn’t anyone else than myself and my beliefs. I was so afraid of receiving negative comments or not having anyone to read my posts. I was too concerned with what ” bad” thing would happened instead of what good will come out from me sharing my opinion with the world , even with zero readers to start with.

Just like this experience, when we want to do something we love, we often feel  threatened by the possible negative outcome. We give ourselves the worst rate ever and we talk to ourselves so harsh that maybe our worst enemy wouldn’t talk to us in that way. we doubt our ability to achieve what we dream of and many of us live by putting out dream away and play safe in life. We don’t dare to take the risk and see the positive possibilities.

Even if your parents, your family and best friends tell you that you can do it, it is just not enough. Something is still missing and anxiety is still there. You are not alone in this feeling and I am here to tell you whose approval you need the most in order to go for what you want and reach your highest potential . It is You. Yes, you need your own approval the most.

In order to do that, you need to be your own best friend. The friend who accepts your for who you are and understands your choice and helps you to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

We don´t know what will happen tomorrow, in fact we don’t know how our day will end. In this case, there are many different possibilities for how your action will turn out. Most of the time, we are trained to focus on what might go wrong. But what if you focus on what will go right. We have the choice of focusing on the positive as much as focusing on the negative.

Self efficacy is the feeling of having the ability to perform the behaviours that is needed for achieving the desired outcome. As in the definition, you have to feel good about yourself in order to have enough self efficacy.The main reason people lose their courage to try something new is because they have failed before or have seen people failed before by doing the same thing, and then believed that they just can´t do it.

You must stop judging yourself based on your past. Learn to see the past as mere an experience. Then you will be able to see the past as something outside of yourself, not a part of yourself which you will be judged with. Yes, bad things happened and it does to everyone through out our lives .But we can choose not to be ruin by it. Even in the worst case, you still a whole , complete person. Your bad experience didn’t reduce anything from your ability to make a change. All you need is tell yourself it is ok to fail, it is ok to make mistakes. As long as you try again with the intention of producing different outcome, even if you fail again, as long as you don’t identify yourself with that result, you can start over.

That should be the attitude towards any part of out lives. Be our own trusty pal and accept our mistakes.

Lots of Love



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