Enjoying life

Religion was viewed as something that takes away the pleasure of life.  whatever religion it is, the misconception continuous until today. My question is if God cursed this world and the religion of God was meant to take away the pleasure of life, then why did he create it at the first place. You may say, to test us. Well, true but not completely true. The world is a beautiful place and can be more beautiful if we know how to be grateful and appreciate the beauty of it.

This misconception of giving up the pleasure of life for the after life have corrupted many minds and caused misery in human history. Well, it is continuing to doing that in our modern society. I don’t like to be involved in politics but I am religious. I want to encourage people to clear out this misconception about God and His religion and live a better life without anxiety, despair and hopelessness. Enjoy their lives while being grateful for the  goodies that they receive from God almighty. Enjoying the gift is the sign of gratitude.


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