I found myself thinking about a million things at the same time and yet doesn’t know what exactly I was thinking about. I was´t breathing and I lost touch with the present moment. This may be experience of many of you as well. Mindfulness is essential to live a fulfilling life with a peace of mind. Mindfulness is defined in psychology as a state of not judging the surrounding events and people. Mindfulness is the state of being. It improves all the aspects of your life.

Many of us suffer a bad relationships, we struggle to maintain the relationship and yet it feels like it is just breaking more and more. When you approach others with mindfulness, you find yourself being calm. Being mindful when communicating with other person involves listening and watching without judging. This includes your own thoughts. As i said, we have the capacity to think more than one thought at the same time and most of the time we are overwhelmed by these thoughts. Being in the here and now, and to pay attention to your moment to moment experience, helps you to just notice your thought without judging them. You accepts that the thoughts are there, but you do not have to respond to them, all you need to do is to listen. Most of our thoughts involves fantasy, wishful thinking, day dreaming and illusions. They drains your energy out from you body if you pay attention and try to respond to every one of them, which is not even possible.

Focusing on the here and now, and live as if today is your last day,yesterday´s sorrow and tomorrows worry wont have that much impact on you. After all, that is what inner peace looks like.

Lots of Love



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