You are who you think you are

Over years, I met people who defined me in many different ways. The attributions I have heard are such : ignorant, kind, inspiring, smart, irresponsible, sensitive, cold, naive, childish, stubborn, liar, honest, hypocrite , you name it. I believe through out our lives, different people define us with different terms. It is pretty confusing, especially when you are on the process of finding out who you really are.

I had a hard time to figure out how to treat others, because when I thought I was being kind, others actually thought that I was being needy. When I kindly listen to people, I was called being naive. Basically, my good intention was always twisted.

Then I figure out, when you go beyond your boundaries to make good impression on people, it always back fires. At the end of the day, people who like you, will like you no matter what you do, because they focus on the positive side of your personality. For them, it is easy  to dismiss your flaws.  But when they already have build some negative thoughts about you, no matter what good you do to them, you are still that ” bad ” person in their mind.

It is really impossible to know who you really are, when you focus on what others think about you. You must take your stand and declare who you really are and be that person no matter what. If you think you are kind, stick to that, and do not mind others comments on your kindness. You are who you say you are. Speak to yourself with kindness and figure out all the good qualities you have.

This doesn’t mean to define yourself as perfect. You and I have flaws and short comes for sure. The journey of finding the true you and being the true you involves accepting both positive and negative side of you. When you accept your short comes, they no longer be your weakness which others can use to provoke you. You won’t lose yourself over others negative comments. It is impossible  hold others mouth when they want to say  something negative about you.

Yes, you are imperfect. Yes , you make mistakes, so does every body. And it is ok. You are who you think you are.

Lots of love





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