What really matters is …

We go through life thinking there are many things that matters and we try to achieve all  and fix what is broken. And then we get tired. We stop and think for ourselves , what is it that really matters in life? How should we live and who should we trust? what career we should pursue ? What kind of relationship do we want? Even what should we eat for dinner . 

The ” norms” seems impossible to break even if it doesn’t serve us in the way it should. We strive to meet those ” norms” in order to fit in. But then it seems the majority in the society we live in are complaining about their lives. There is something missing, something is not right. Freedom is what they want and deeply desire. Well, you are not someone’s slave, still you feel like you need your freedom. This feeling is the result of unconsciously lived life.

When you are not conscious of the beliefs that you are driven by, you don’t have a choice. You go round and round in a circle and live your life in the same pattern. There is no adventure and there is no excitement. You play safe, because the way you know for your entire life is the only way that is safe and produce predictable results. That is what make you feel safe but bored and slaves to the ” pattern”.

What really matters is what you believe about yourself and the world around you. When you are aware of this pattern you lived your life with, then you have choice. You have a choice to change what you believe, you can believe different things. Your actions are stirred by what you believe. You can produce any behavior if you believe that you can. We have heard this during our entires life ” believe yourself “, but it only seemed that we have never been taught ” how”.

Lots of love




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