I am feeling rather tired and down today. This kind of off days were really difficult for me to cope and I had hard time to accept my negative feelings. I pretended to be ok and if I look down and not smiling, I thought I might trigger negative response from people around me which would make me even more sad.

Today, I decided to accep my feelings. I accepted that I am feeling not OK and I need rest. I decided to find out the reason behind why I feel this way. When I asked myself ” what is the problem right now?” My answe was ” nothing”. Then I realized I was actually really really tired. Why wouldn’t I ? Right. Having a 6 years old active child all alone plus all the house work and all the other responsibility that I have , I totally have the right to say I am tired and I need rest . Plenty rest. I decided stop everything I was doing and sit down on the sofa and watched my favorite movie while doing some crochet which works like a therapy session for me.

Accept your feelings and the fact that your are tired. If tiredness is not taken seriously, it can cause stress which eats up all you energy . You can end up thinking things that causes you distres and anxiety.

Rest and rest and rest 🙂

lots of love



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