Let go of control

We go through life as if we know exactly what will happen to us in the future and we are just so sure that we can prevent bad things from happening as long as we try our best. Suddenly we face disappointments, everything we know is gone and we left with a unpredictable life.

The unpredictability of the future is what causes anxiety and we want to know exactly what will happen to us in order to get rid of this anxiety. Well, knowing it will not cease your anxiety. When you know what happens to you tomorrow, you will end up worrying about what happen the day after, and so on.

Letting go of controlling what will happen in the future is the cure for your anxiety. Honestly, no one except God knows what tomorrow holds for us. No human can tell you or predict for you the exact future that awaits you. There is actually blessing in that. Not knowing the fixed future makes it possible for us to try different things instead of stick to one fixed future and try to fulfill that future. That means there are more than one possible future out there.

Life being unpredictable is a bless in my opinion.

Lots of love



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