listen to yourself

Have you ever felt like you done something that wasn’t quite right and you knew deep inside that you shouldn’t do that. You just knew what was the right thing to do but you didn’t have the gut to follow your inner knowing. You felt like someone else know better and others might object what you wanted to say or do??

Well, then read further to find the cure. I have always been that person who wants to make everyone around me feel sepacial except myself. I gave them so much attention and always made sure not to make them feel awkward. What what I ended up was disrespect and disappointments. Wether it is with my friends or relationships, it was always the same. My good will back fires every single time.

Then I realized that the only person I should listen to and pay attention is myself . I have seen every single time that I knew exactly what should I do or say when I face conflict or choice in relationships , instead of listen to myself and consider what would be the best for me, I considered what will the other person think and what would save the relationship. Alas, it ended anyway, the friendship I tried hard and compromised  to save as well as the relationship that I tried to fix and ready to make sacrifices.

The point is, any friendship and relationship that meant to happen will happen anyway without you comprimise and sacrifice. We have been told the opposite since we are young that you need to sacrifice for any relationship to be last, you need to sacrifice your career, your passion, yourself. You need to give up being you, and become someone that the relationship requires you to be.

If someone asks you to change in order for the relationship to work, then he or she needs someone else with that quality they wishes that you have. It is not you that they desire. And you absolutely should never ever waste your time with someone who cannot appreciate your qualities. You are unique and there is only one you on this planet, the whole universe to be more correct.  You need to become you, not any one else. Not only it is foolish but also it is impossible. You can never become someone else and be happy with that pretended character.

Be brave to show the world who you really are, and share your opinions , your believes, your plans and your dreams. They matter to you and that is a more than enough reason for you to do what you believe is right. Right and wrong is subjective. What you believe is right can be wrong to others and vise versa.

Just because something is different doesn’t mean it is wrong.

Lots of love



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