Be whole without condition

We often make many conditions before we declarer that we are happy and fulfilled. I wondered often does anything in my life necessary for me to feel whole. What if I lose them? Be it a partner, a friend, child, money, anything you have outside of yourself. Will you then be destroyed if any of those things are taken away from you. Will you then lead a miserable life because you believe you will never be whole again until you get that thing or person back into your life.

One night I thought to myself what am I missing. Really missing. I thought of few things, but it wasn’t part of me, never were part of me. Those things that I craved so much were always outside of me. Then I ende up with a answer ” I am still a whole person despite of the things that I have lost , my heart is still whole despite of the hurtful things that I have experienced, I still have myself with me despite of the people who decided leave from my life. ”

we all have fears about losing certain things and people in our life. We struggle and make sacrifices to keep them around us. But there is the truth : the minute you feel afraid of losing whatever it’s that you are afraid of losing, you relationship with that thing or person changes. This fear make you behave like a clingy and needy person which lowers you status in front of others. The things that made you attractive before will disappear, and the more you try to keep things and people around you, the more you will close to lose them. Shouldn’t we try to make the relationship works? You may ask.

Belive me, when you are with the right person , you don’t have to struggle to keep that person around you. He or she will always find a reason to be around as long as you can appreciate that. You don’t have to fake and pretend to be loved and appreciated. Don’t choose struggle, choose the ease, and learn to let go of the things that make you feel afraid of losing them.

Lots of love



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