Three days Three quotes challenge Day 1

The quote that I want to share today is some thing that awakened a very deep thought in me and this awakening was the key for finding my courage to chase after my dreams again and live my life more fully.


Vivian Green´s this line is familiar to many of us , I think. The deep meaning behind this can be expended to depth and width. I will just share with you what it meant for me and this subjective opinion is open for correction and reformation. As we all learn to give new meanings to the things in our lives by every passing hour. How we see the world yesterday is no longer the way we see it today.

Life is full of storms that shakes and some times destroys our inner world and inner sense of who we are. Sometimes the things we experience are so hard to belive and we often ask ” how come this happen to me ?”. We interpret the negative events in life in different ways, most of the time our interpretation leads us to get depressed and anxious about our future. The meaning we give to the events in life determines what kind of emotions we experience and thus what kind of strategies we use to survive through it. Look from another angle, in other word. There is always something in life that we find enjoyable, even in our darkest moments. We only have to look for it. You see what you want to see. If your focus on the negative side of the events, that is what you will see for sure. If you focus on the positive side and find something good in everything, that is what you will see as well. So , basically, find happiness in the storm and do a rain-dance, do not be afraid of getting wet! You will eventually get dry. The most beautiful thing in life ,I think, is that nothing, absolutely nothing lasts forever. So treasure time and do something that makes you happy despite of the ” weather” of life !!!

The three bloggers that I want to nominate to this challenge are :


Love it Now 

Autism in our nest 


Lots of love



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