All human


It is not a myth that not everyone you meet in your life is good for you. Some people may come very charming in the beginning, and we somehow see him or her as an angel. Too much admiration blocks us from seeing what is really inside of that physical body. Sometimes, we exaggerate our perception of others. I often hear my friends talking about their husbands or boyfriends. I feel absolutely amazed by the way  they describe them and yet more often I hear them saying how much they have hurt them. They way their partner treat them makes me wonder how can anyone describe this person with such a perfection. 

Physical and mental abuse in relationship is very dangerous and it could ruin a person entirely. This kind of toxic relationship is need to be cut down for the safety and health of the person who is being abused. Yet, we find many women and men find it hard to end this kind of relationship simply because they have ” no choice”. This kind of relationship can be addictive, just like drugs. Once you have taken it, you cannot cut it from your life unless you have a strong will to live a different life, a much happier and fulfilling life.

One way to prevent being in this kind of relationship is to change our way of perceiving other human beings. We are all different. This difference is rooted in our genes as well as in our social surroundings, the environment we grow up, our relationship with our parents / guardians, they all play a very important role in our personality.The way people behave is not simple result of their choice, but it actually carried out , most of the time,without a conscious awareness. Most people doesn’t know why they do what they do.

There are many things people do in order to meet others´ expectations, and yet they are not aware of it. Imagine you act in certain way with certain people, and ask yourself why do you act in this way? is it because this is who you are, or because you want other to like you by meeting their expectations, or stereotypes?  Or is it actually your beliefs about what others might expect from you? Think about this for a moment before you continue.


Fear of rejection exists in everyone. You are not alone in this. So, learn to see others as your equals, not your superiors or inferior. This way, you can respond to others`  destructive behaviour properly without overlooking it. And you can draw you boundaries to protect yourself from people who wants to take advantage of you. This is easier to say than done, like any things else. All it takes is determination and courage. Hope this provides with some new perspective !.

Lots of love



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