Have you every feel like you are stuck because you lost the sense of who you really are and how you should live in order to become a happy and fulfilled human being? Wee, you are not alone. I believe we all, at some point, have been there and it is not a pleasant feeling.

You may want to do something, but there is just something that holds you back or you have this list of ” excuses” or ” stories” , whatever you call them, that are holding you back. And it just seems so difficult to just ignore them because they seem so real and reasonable to be believed in. We all have this fantasy of becoming someone that is awesome and we dream of doing certain things, but as times goes, it just seems harder and harder to make the dreams come true. We blame our situation, the circumstances we are in, it seems that life is not supporting us to have what we want. 

Well, there is a way to turn all this around. If you really want to make difference and you have a strong will to change your current situation, then read on.

When it comes to the question ” how should I show up to be more successful in relationships or career? ” The answer is simply ” follow your intuition”. I will explain in a moment.

Intuitive knowing is a gift. This knowing is given to you and me for a reason. We often provide ourselves with the best advice, but we have problem following it. Simply because we doubt ourselves. Ouch, sorry for being honest. It feels as if someone else out there holds the truth and knows everything and we just have to wait until we are told what to do. Well, no human being is given the ultimate gift of knowing everything and predicting the future exactly how it will be.

Your intuition tells you to do something, seems risky and all, and you do exactly the opposite and then feel stuck in your life. Going in circles and repeating the same pattern, only because you couldn’t follow your intuition and couldn’t take the risk.

Now, back to the question about how to show up in order to make a change in your life. Follow you intuitive knowing in your moment to moment experience. This is just like, when you feel hungry , eat. When you feel thirsty , drink. When you feel angry, don´t tell yourself it is ok. No, it is not, you are feeling angry because it is  not ok to experience whatever its you are experiencing. When  you like something, say you like it, even if everyone around you finds it silly. Did you get the idea? The best way of showing up is to be yourself by following your intuition ( your inner knowing, your feelings ) at the moment. You may show up happy today and upset tomorrow. It is ok, it is not because you are being unstable, no. It is how it suppose to be. We are not mean to be the same person through out our lives. What we experience meant to change us and teach us the things that we need to know in order to survive and lead a lives that represent who we are.

So, be yourself by following how you feel right now, not how will you be feeling tomorrow or after five minutes. So, what do you feel like doing right now?

Lots of love



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