Kindness exists if only you believe in it

Today, I have done something that I usually don´t.  Asking for help feels somewhat awkward, especially in the individualistic western world. We often deal with our problems by ourselves and we dont ask for help. Some people do this out of fear of rejection, and some others just have too much pride.

Any way, today I broke that pattern. I usually buy buss and subway tickets on an app, and unfortunately I forgot to charge my phone last night and my mobile had no battery when I left home. I was at the bus stop and counting all the coins I have, ( we are so used to use bank card that people these days don´t even carry cash with them 😦 )  I have small coins and I still need around 20 kroner ( about 2 dollars). I got on the bus and I said to the bus driver that I will off after three stops and if he can just give me ticket with the money I have. He refused and said it is not his problem. I agree, it is not, but I was desperate.still I cannot blame him.  If there is a ticket control, I would have to pay 900 kroner( 90 dollar) fine. So I just sit down and hoping no one will check me. And I was lucky that I took off the bus without any problem after three stops. Now I had to take another bus, This time I will have ro ride longer and I need a ticket. There were only 3 minute left  until my bus to come. So I picket up my courage, and went to this one girl who stood near me. I asked her if she had some coins that I can have to buy the ticket. She was surprise at first, maybe this is the first time people ask her money like that. But she didn’t refuse, She checked her pocket and wallet and said sorry, that she didn’t have any changes. I was pretty afraid and nervous though while I was asking her. And I said thank you and turned around. 1 minute to the bus to come. I went to the other girl, she also started to look into her bag and that time, the first girl I asked came with some coins and said ” I found it , do you still need it ” I was so happy.  And I saw that she was happy too that she could help me out. And like a best friends, we three girls , who doesn’t even know each other smiled and become happy and got on the bus together.

So, despite of out anticipation of human race in this modern society, we still have that inborn kindness in us. All we have to do is reach out. Some times all you have to do is to ask. And you will find people are actually much more kinder than you think. And even if you get rejected and judged, it is not the case with everyone. The majority of human being are hungry for kindness and it actually makes us happy when we help one another.

Lots of Love



2 thoughts on “Kindness exists if only you believe in it

    • Yeah I think so, as I needed it. It felt somehow people has become so cold and it seemed so difficult to approach others. I always wanted to have adventure , getting to know and talk to new people, but I was afraid of getting rejected, so I kept myself around those I already know from before.

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