Have you met yourself

Most of the time, we are so busy to make connection with other people, we neglect ourself without being consciously aware of it. This is true especially if you are in a relationship where you spend too much time and energy thinking what you can do for making things work between you and the other person. The more you struggle in a relationship, the more you neglect yourself . This is true with any kind of relationship. Wether it is the people who you call friend or a lover or literally anyone. If you find yourself using too much time thinking what you should do to keep this relationship to bloom, you end up doing things that is not natural for you. This gives the other person the wrong impression about who you are. And once in a while , when you act normal and don’t try anything to make this person happy, you will be critisized , people will ask you what is wrong with you. And right there , you may have to end the relationship for good.

The more you neglect yourself, the more you feel frustrated and you lose connection with the one person in the universe who can offer you the best advice, and that is you yourself. That is when you get depressed, confused and all that negativity.

So, maybe it’s time for you to meet yourself. The part of yourself that is strong, independent, capable of making choices and take responsibilities. When you are connected with yourself, you feel confident, you act in any way you feel comfortable with, without thinking who might be judging you. Because you yourself got your back.

Search for yourself, declare your love for yourself before you do it to anyone else. Because no body can give you anything that you cannot give to or receive from yourself.

Lots of love




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