Born different

I came to northern Norway to visit my best friend and also start the new year with her. Can’t believe I have already been here for six days and I am leaving tomorrow. Just by spending these days with her made me realize how different we are from each other yet how deep our friendship is. We are totally different in every way. Yet it made me think, why we can be close with some people and with the others despite of the fact that we all are different.

I even discussed this with her, and we agreed that it all comes down to acceptance. How ready you aren’t to accept the other person as he or she is. Of course this acceptance has to be mutual in order to build a relationship between the two different people. If one of them is not ready then nothing will work out between them. This is true even on big political issue and I believe that is why we have wars on our beloved planet.

We should be allowed to have different opinion and ideas yet also learn to respect others ideas too. Acceptance doesn’t mean that you should blindly believe others and change your way of living or thinking according to other people. It simply means listen and respect.

Lots of love


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