Have you every feel like you are stuck because you lost the sense of who you really are and how you should live in order to become a happy and fulfilled human being? Wee, you are not alone. I believe we all, at some point, have been there and it is not a pleasant feeling.

You may want to do something, but there is just something that holds you back or you have this list of ” excuses” or ” stories” , whatever you call them, that are holding you back. And it just seems so difficult to just ignore them because they seem so real and reasonable to be believed in. We all have this fantasy of becoming someone that is awesome and we dream of doing certain things, but as times goes, it just seems harder and harder to make the dreams come true. We blame our situation, the circumstances we are in, it seems that life is not supporting us to have what we want.  Continue reading

All human


It is not a myth that not everyone you meet in your life is good for you. Some people may come very charming in the beginning, and we somehow see him or her as an angel. Too much admiration blocks us from seeing what is really inside of that physical body. Sometimes, we exaggerate our perception of others. I often hear my friends talking about their husbands or boyfriends. I feel absolutely amazed by the way  they describe them and yet more often I hear them saying how much they have hurt them. They way their partner treat them makes me wonder how can anyone describe this person with such a perfection.  Continue reading

A lesson from life

Everyone has different degree of sensitivity when it comes to handle others behaviour, especially the ones that make us uncomfortable. The thing is, thoughts and feelings are very subjective. What I find uncomfortable may not seem that must of a problem for you and vice versa. The point is, there is always a general rule that apply for everyone, that is why people can sell their books about self improvement, where they share there own experience and somehow the reader can relate to it. Continue reading

Three days Three quotes challenge Day 1

The quote that I want to share today is some thing that awakened a very deep thought in me and this awakening was the key for finding my courage to chase after my dreams again and live my life more fully.


Vivian Green´s this line is familiar to many of us , I think. The deep meaning behind this can be expended to depth and width. I will just share with you what it meant for me and this subjective opinion is open for correction and reformation. As we all learn to give new meanings to the things in our lives by every passing hour. How we see the world yesterday is no longer the way we see it today.

Life is full of storms that shakes and some times destroys our inner world and inner sense of who we are. Sometimes the things we experience are so hard to belive and we often ask ” how come this happen to me ?”. We interpret the negative events in life in different ways, most of the time our interpretation leads us to get depressed and anxious about our future. The meaning we give to the events in life determines what kind of emotions we experience and thus what kind of strategies we use to survive through it. Look from another angle, in other word. There is always something in life that we find enjoyable, even in our darkest moments. We only have to look for it. You see what you want to see. If your focus on the negative side of the events, that is what you will see for sure. If you focus on the positive side and find something good in everything, that is what you will see as well. So , basically, find happiness in the storm and do a rain-dance, do not be afraid of getting wet! You will eventually get dry. The most beautiful thing in life ,I think, is that nothing, absolutely nothing lasts forever. So treasure time and do something that makes you happy despite of the ” weather” of life !!!

The three bloggers that I want to nominate to this challenge are :


Love it Now 

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Lots of love


Just do it!

Life seems full of distractions and obstacles whenever we want to do something amazing, something that really demonstrates who we are. We all have dreams but not all of us can fulfil that dream due to lack of knowledge about how to overcome these obstacles and distractions.

There are several things that I want to do before I leave this world ( I am not ill by the way, but all of us die eventually ) and somehow stuff gets in the way all the time. Even when I feel so determined, I just cannot get things done as I wished. I used to believe that the things on my way to accomplish the things I want are in my surrounding, wether it is house work, study, child etc. It seemed that I just do not have the time do to what I want to do, but then how am I spending my time? It leads to the answer that I wasn’t doing what I wanted to all this time. This is only partially true though, since I enjoy being a parent, I enjoy being a student and I also like cooking. But the problem wasn’t those things, the problem was myself, I was on my way to accomplish the things on my list.  Continue reading


When I was younger, I used to think that only certain people are so lucky to get what they want and they were born to rich and successful parents who promoted their dream to come true. I also had few of those ” lucky” people around me as a child, and I somehow felt like I can never be as ” lucky” as them even if I try my best. I felt somehow I was treated as if I am inferior compare to them, they are my cousins, my classmates and my so called friends.

I moved to abroad when I was 19 and began a brand new life, met brand new people, yet, something was still bothering me. The same treatment that I have been getting since my childhood was present in my adult life, even with new people. The people who have never known me before. The same fear was in side of me, and left me with sleepless nights.

I started to see that I am a different person inside and outside. I am braver, wiser, smarter and authentic inside, but outside, I am people pleaser, naive, scared and afraid of what people might think about me. The inner me was so unsettled and wants to come out and take control, while the outer me was scared to let her out. If she gets out , then she might lose everyone around her, those ” friends” who didn’t really care how she feels, those people who doesn’t even care whether she is alive or dead.  Continue reading

Inner Silence

My head got really noisy. I couldn’t breath properly . There are thousand things in my head, but I can’t name one of them. As if my outside world is matching my inner world, I became very sensitive to the noise in my surrounding. It seems as though finding a silence is impossible for me. On the other hand, I am scared to find that silence in me, as if , if I stop thinking and promote this noisiness in my head, I would die. I am holding on to this nosiness so tightly , so that there will be no silence. It is very confusing.

my deepest desire is to give up thinking about all those things that I am thinking and worrying right now, and just go to that silence place inside of me. Just be with myself and enjoy this silence. But I dont know how to do it. The path to my inner silence is invisible to me. The more i search for it, the more I get frustrated and the more thoughts are coming.

I am craving for silence!